- Appreciation from “Aseman Suspension Bridge of Tehran” at the National Conference on Construction and Steel-2018 -

According to ISNA website:

Appreciation from "Aseman Suspension Bridge of Tehran" at the National Conference on Construction and Steel

 Aseman Suspension Bridge was opened as the first suspended bridge and the most prominent tourism project of Tehran.

According to announcement of  Pey Afkan Sazeh Consulting Engineers, this project was selected as appreciated Project  in the field of bridge in 2018 at the 9th National Conference and 3rd International Conference on Construction and Steel on 11-12 December 2018, as the largest civil engineering specialized event in the country. This beautiful bridge is a resemblance of ability of the country's domestic proficient.  This bridge is located 65 meters above  Nahjul Balagha Park ground. The width of the bridge is two meters, the distance between the pylons is 228 meters and the height of the pylons is 37 meters.

The specifications of the employer, designer and the builders of this bridge are as follows:

  • Employer: Municipality of Tehran district 2
  • Designer: Pey Afkan Sazeh Consulting Engineers
  • Contractor: Makan Shahr Mehr Company
  • Steel Deck Operator: Tarh Afarin Mehvar Company

This project is the second erected suspended bridge (after the Suspension Bridge of Meshgin Shahr) from the suspension pedestrian

bridge  series designed by Pey Afkan Sazeh Consulting Engineers.


In the near future, we will witness the construction and operation of pedestrian bridges in the cities of Awaj, Heer and Sari, which is a privilege to our beloved Iran.