- Meshgin city Suspension bridge among the top ten architectural structures of Iran in the field of tourism -

According to IRNA, Vahid Javadzadeh said on Saturday at the fourth meeting of the Association of Tourism Investors of the country in the city of Meshgin Shahr, adding that with the construction of this unique structure, the city of Ardabil, especially the city of Meshkin, has become one of the main destinations of tourism in the country.
"Construction of this structure in the beautiful slopes of Sabalan on the green valley of Chiawu Tea has led to the introduction of the city of Meshgin City at the national and international levels and the demand for various investments in the city has increased," he said.
He added: "In the past two years, the growth of the tourism industry in the city of Meshgin has been so rapid and progressive that so far less point in our country has witnessed this important event.
He said that currently 17 tourism projects with a credit of over one thousand 500 billion rials in the city of Meshgin Shahr is in progress.
He provided the tourism atlas of the country with the program of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to promote the tourism industry at the national and international levels. The news was highlighted by the priorities of the Association of Tourism Investors.
The Mashgin City Suspension Bridge is 365 meters long and has a number of days in the year and is constructed with a width of two meters at an altitude of 80 meters in the Khayawachai River.
All stages of the design and construction of this structure are carried out by internal experts and in terms of architectural structure are among the honors of Iranian engineers.
The city of Meshkin Shahr with 155 thousand people in 90 kilometers northwest of Ardabil has numerous monuments such as Qalaqeh castle, Ghanlı Bulagh Caravanserai, Sakhalin Fakhr Abad Tomb, Kahneh castle, several old baths, and Shabil mineral and mineral waters in Qinrjeh.
Dozens of ancient works, as well as the historic site of Yeri city, with dozens of rocky facades with about eight thousand years old dating back to the city.
With lots of tourism capabilities including mineral hot water, Sabalan mountains, Arsbaran's wild forests and numerous ancient and historical works, Meshgin City has attracted the attention of many investors.
The hot springs of hot water are at 86 ° C, the hottest mineral spring in the world, and in the not too distant years, the first water treatment complex was built by the government in the area.
The three large hydrotherapy complexes, Shabil and Qinrjeh and the hot springs of Qatarorsu, Muil, Malik Sui and Doodu are traditionally used.