The Quality Policy

Our company’s always been trying to improve the quality of provided services with establishment of the “Quality Management System” based on ISO 9001:2015 standards and reforming organizational processes that lead us to establish our systemic policy based on company’s potential and actual abilities and capabilities which is expected to be implemented, preserved and improved by all the staff .


The policy approved by the CEO

Enhancement of Clients Satisfaction



  • Creating appropriate processes of communicating with clients
  • Delivering the projects right on time
  • Receiving the opinions and suggestions
  • Considering the complaints

Improvement of Quality Culture



  • Training People
  • Developing Knowledge Management
  • Developing People and Experts Knowledge

Enhancement of efficiency and decrement of the finished price of services


  • Controlling and managing the prices
  • Establishing and implementing motivational systems
  • Controlling and Managing all processes risk
  • Special attention to continual improvement and the usage of it in all levels of organizational processes.

Policies and strategies have been established to guarantee the factors above with creating goals and implementing related plans in the long term.