- The final stages of the construction of the suspended bridge of Nahj al-Balagha Park in Tehran -

Azizullah Nazari stated that the suspended bridge project was created with the aim of creating the attractiveness and excitement and the optimal use of the Nahjolbalaghe Basin. The bridge was aimed at linking the West to the East of Bustan from the Homa Town to the east side of the Pardisan Gardens and creating A specific element, the design and implementation of a pedestrian hinged bridge is also on the agenda.

The Mayor of District 2 announced that the bridge was at the deepest point of Nahjul Balagh Gardens at an altitude of 80 meters and with a 228 meter cable opening and suspended in width of 2 meters in width, he noted: the reason for the delay in completing it due to Being part of the foundation foundation and tensile cables in Pardisan Park, which is owned by the Environmental Protection Agency, is currently facing the problem and will soon be exploited.
Referring to the operation for the development of phase one of Nahj-ol-Balagheh booth, said: The distance between Iwanak Street and Niajing Highway (referred to as the Urban Park) is in two phases; phase one of this area with an area of ​​18.1 hectares consists of two eastern wing and The West has begun in 2013. It includes sidewalks, water and sanatorium bike paths, sanitary facilities, drinking water reservoirs and green space, shops and skating rink, communication ramps, access ramps, Garden of Art, Living Spaces, Barbecue, Alacrity, Pool, Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Buffet, Restaurant, Outdoor Amphitheater, Office Space, Stairs The communication, parking, recreational routes, a roadmap, a refinery.

According to the Sama website, Nazari continued: "For the sake of being, the parking lot with sufficient capacity at the end of Dumān Street and adjacent to the eastern wing has also been constructed.